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Welcome to Unknown Golf

Our Platform is designed to simplify Club and Non-Club Tournaments and your Daily / Weekly game with friends

The Challenges (Side Bet) feature allows players to have additional games with other Players during a Tournament

The concept of a *League within Unknown Golf is your own Instance with Players & Tournaments that can be for a League in the traditional sense or for your daily / weekly games

* After Joining Unknown Golf, you can create your League(s)

Why Choose Us?
See why Players, Groups Leaders, and Golf Professionals are selecting Unknown Golf as their Platform of Choice!
Groups & Leagues
Live Scoring, Online Sign Ups, Automated Results & Payouts, Analytics, and more...
Challenge players to any number of Challenges (Side Bets)

Match Wheel, Hammer Wolf, Nine Point, Skins, are just some of the Challenges
Golf Professionals
Set up complex Single & Multi-Round Tournaments in half the time

TV Displays for Live Leaderboard, Calcutta, and Sponsors through our Amazon TV App
Travel Trip
Access to 30,000+ golf courses around the world and support all popular formats (Ryder Cup, Stableford, Team, Skins)

Need Help, Unknown Golf Support will assist with your Set Up
Platform Features
Player Portal
Personalized Dashboard with Play and Win ($) Analytics across all of the Player's Leagues / Group
League & Group Portal
Site for player groups with Tournaments, Social Features (News, Email, Message Board) and Group Analytics (Point Leaders, Money List, etc...)
Club Portal
Club Dashboard of Tournaments across all leagues (MGA, SGA, WGA, Twilight, etc...) with Auto Sync of Players with the Club's USGA® Roster
Format & Results
Configure your format for Single or Multi-Round Tournaments to include auto calculation of Results and Payouts
Live Scoring
One player per Tee Group can keep score for all Players, access Live Scoring via, QR Code, or 1-Click button received in Email
Printed Material
Print configurable Scorecards, Cart Signs, Tee Sheet, Player's List, Scoreboard Signs all with the option to include Sponsor / Club Logo
TV Display
TV Display via Unknown Golf Amazon Fire Stick App for Live Leaderboards, Calcutta Auction, and Sponsors
Challenges (Side Bets)
Challenge a player during a Tournament for a Game within the Game, select the holes or Nassau, set a Challenge Amount and if desired a Max Loss for hole specific challenges and Press when down.

Example Challenges (Hammer Wolf, Match Play, Wheel, Team, Nine Point, Stableford, Skins)
Platform License
Player Portal with player stats and winnings
Create Basic Single Round Events with up to 5 Players
Create Challenges within an Event
Access to 55,000+ Golf Courses across the world
Retrieve Handicap & Post Scores to the USGA® Handicap Centralized System
Live Scoring with Live Leaderboards
Unknown Golf Concierge to assist with Event Configuration
League Director
Includes All Player Features
League Portal with News, Message Board, and Social Features
Create any Single or Multi-Round Event with an unlimited number of configurable formats & payouts
Online Event Sign Up for Players
Print custom Scorecards, Cart Signs, Tee Sheets, Flights, Teams, etc..
AI Engine to Validate an Event Set Up
Event Sponsors with Logos
Email League Players and include attachments
Season Long Games (Skins, Cricket Board, Ringer Board)
Create Event playing with or against other leagues
Live Scoring TV Displays
Live Scoring via QR Code Flyer
Managed Tournament / Trip
All Set Up Performed by an Unknown Golf Professional
League Portal for the Tournament / Trip
Tournament set up for all Rounds and Golf Courses
Format of Play and Payouts for each Round and the Overall Tournament
Add All Players, set their Handicaps, Playing Tees and Tee Time assignment
On Call support while Tournament is in Progress for Live Help
Golf Club
Includes All Player Features
Includes All League Director Features
Club Portal to manage all Club & Club League Events
Roster Sync with USGA® GHIN System
Email Club Players with Attachments
TV Display
Available through the Unknown Golf App for Amazon Fire TV
Display up to 4 Different Leaderboards on one screen with a QR Code for players to scan to view the Full Leaderboard(s)
Rotating Display of Sponsors with their Logo for the Tournament
Live Calcutta Display with Sponsors, Analytics, and QR Code for players to scan to view the Full Calcutta


As a Member of Ocean Reef, we use Unknown Golf for multiple leagues run by my fellow members and myself.
We are able to email league members with a 1 Click Sign Up button, then on Event Day each player receives an automated personal email from Unknown Golf with all of the Event Detail and a link to keep Live Score, can't get simpler than that.
All event results and payouts are calculated for us, and being able to see all of my stats across all of our leagues is great. Unknown Golf is easy to navigate and has enhanced the overall experience of golfing on The Reef!!
Gerald Blackie
League Director @ Ocean Reef
Unknown Golf has made my job as a golf professional easier, more efficient, and more customer friendly. In my opinion, it is a leader among the golf tournament management platforms.
My members run and manage their own Leagues on the Platform, and they love the improved communication and transparency. Unknown Golf is Flexible, Responsive, and Attractive.
Everything I can ask for as a Club Professional, Tournaments simply run better when I use Unknown Golf.
Scott McClinton
Director of Golf @ Chenal Country Club
Our league has over 200 Members with 40-80 playing every Saturday and Sunday. We play a Stroke Play or Stableford format with Skins and Deuce Pot. With this many players we flight every 20 Players by Handicap to keep it fair.
Unknown Golf does everything from auto flighting, live scoring, to providing a summary of total payouts by player. Unknown Golf saves me a vast amount of time managing a game with 3 different payouts across 3-5 different flights.
Long Story Short... Our league would not exists today without Unknown Golf!
Steve Wiederrich
League Director @ Bowl of Soup
We have a great group at Pinnacle Country Club and our league has been around for many years, but once we adopted Unknown Golf it has revolutionized our games. The ease and functionality from sign-ups, tee time communication, scoring and posting results has been game changing. With Unknown Golf, we now have live scoring and live leaderboards that are part of our weekend events allowing everyone to follow along.
The simplified ability to setup and run side games between our players has been amazing, from Head to Head Nassau 4-balls, Wolf, Match Wheel events or any other number of things we can come up with. Unknown Golf runs and tracks the overall League Game(s) and $$ Tracking of our Side Games including a summary at the end to total up the collection and payouts by player.
Our league has grown considerably and participation is at an all-time high thanks to what Unknown Golf has enabled us to do, and the best part is how easy it is to use!
David May
League Director @ Pinnacle TNTS
Our Brookstone Country Club Senior Golf League has over 60 players and we have used Unknown Golf for a few years. We have 2 League Directors and both of us cannot speak highly enough of the platform.
Prior to implementation, our group would have dozens of e-mail's and have an all manual process for signing up for our daily events. That was solved with a one click sign up procedure, e-mail's from Unknown Golf with tee times and team assignments, and the ability to see hole by hole status of each team as we play.
The only thing better than the Platform... Is the support we've received... Whether it's a teaching video, online support, e-mails, or even a call from Unknown Golf during our actual tournament with help!
Jim Daniels and Phil Hammond
League Director @ Brookstone Senior Golf
Frequently Asked Questions
A League on Unknown Golf is your own Personal Instance for a group of Players and Events

A League can be for your regular weekend game with a group of players or a traditional League that plays every Thursday night

After joining Unknown Golf you can create your League
NO -- Unknown Golf does Not Share any of your Data with 3rd Parties
NO -- Unknown Golf does not have or show any Ads

We do allow for you to have Sponsors for you Events and display the Sponor's logo in multiple places
Unknown Golf is Free for Players!!!

Our Platform is marketed for Golf Clubs as a replacement for their current Tournament Management Platform

For Club Pricing contact
Unknown Golf is Licensed with the USGA® and provides a seamless handicap integration between our Platform and the USGA for retrieving a Player's Handicap and posting their Event Score

Unknown Golf does NOT calculate a non-USGA® Handicap but does provide the ability to manually set a Player's Handicap for an Event
YES -- Unknown Golf provides 24/7 support by Phone, Email, and Chat

Have more questions on our Support, email us
Unknown Golf allows you to custom build and configure your Format & Payouts for an Event

For confirmation if your format is supported, email us
YES -- Unknown Golf allows you to configure custom Standings by points (or $$) awarded for an Event with features to show a Total or Average and exclude / Limit the Events
Our help section has videos to walk you through how to get started with Unknown Golf and our support is available to you 24/7 for Questions

Typically after about 30 days League Leaders have experienced all the scenarios and rarely need assistance from Unknown Golf support

If you would like a Live Demo of Unknown Golf via Zoom that walks through the set up of your League and first event, contact us
NO -- As a League Director (Leader) you can manage your players list and have Unknown Golf send them an email with a 1-Click button to complete their profile and access your League

If your players have USGA® GHIN Handicaps, they can log into your League through the "Sign In With USGA® GHIN" feature.
Unknown Golf does not have a downloadable app, but you can create a "Homepage Button" on your phone that will make Unknown Golf look and function like a downloadable App

Unknown Golf is accessible through a web browser on any device (Computer, Laptop, IPad, Phone, etc...) and the display of Unknown Golf adapts to the screen size you are viewing with
YES -- You can configure a Net Skins Game that will NOT award Handicap Allocation strokes on Par 3s
YES -- You can set Validation by Net or Gross Score and if validation is required to also Cover a Skin
Help Articles & Instructional Videos
Search or Click through our Help section for detailed instructions, screenshots, and videos
PJ Banditos
Ind. net game and net skins
Tue. Aug 17, 2021
Patty Jewett Golf Course - Peak/plains
Fox Hill TuesThurs
1gross 1net front back skins
Tue. Aug 17, 2021
Fox Hill Club


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